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Cal-Pak has a full-range of equipment for product inspection. Our Metal Detector and X-Ray systems offer state-of-the-art contamination detection to ensure your product brand is protected. Our metal detectors are a cost-effective option to detect conductive materials while our X-Rays detect based on density, regardless if the contaminant is conductive. Our checkweighers ensure your products remain within the weight tolerances you want and come with robust reporting software to capture package data. Our vision systems are a critical system to ensure product container and label integrity are met on each container.

Sentinel 1000
Sentinel 3000
Sentinel 5000
Xpert™ Conveyor
Xpert™ Bulk
Xpert™ Sideshoot
CircumSpect System
SurePro System
SureLabel® System
VIAAS System
Global VersaWeigh™
Versa Flex
Combination System
Versa Frame 44HD
Versa Chain
Versa Teorema Can