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CircumSpect Vision System

CircumSpect Vision System

360° Graphical Inspection for Cylindrical Containers


CircumSpect is perfect for applications that require a graphical inspection of a round or cylindrical container. Cylindrical containers often pose a challenge for inspection systems because it is usually impossible to control where the label is facing on a production line. Circumspect is the solution for clients in the food & beverage industry who want to have an end-of-process inspection of a round product.

Key benefits include:

  • User-friendly GUI to configure and load the label/container inspection recipes, minimizing changeover time

  • Maintain production speeds up to 900 per minute

  • Very low false reject rates

  • Non-contact inspection and no slowing of the production line

  • No special container handling needed, other than to ensure that the containers are appropriately spaced on the conveyor as they pass through the CircumSpect system

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