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Cal-Pak’s line of shrink bundlers for both tray and loose products is available in single or dual roll formats.  Our simple dual-roll bundlers are designed for slower speeds and can be configured in straight-thru or right-angle layouts. Our high-speed models can handle trays, pads or individual products which form into a pack pattern and bundle. Bundlers come with an integrated shrink tunnel.

OPTX™ M-60 Multiwrapper
OPTX™ M-80 & M-105 Multiwrapper
OPTX™ S30 / S60 Single Roll Bundler
OPTX™ S-80 & S-105 Shrink Wrappers
VS-25/40 Series Shrink Wrappers
EB25A Professional Series Automatic Bundler
EB35A / EB50A / EB70A Professional Series Automatic Bundler
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