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Thermo Scientific Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Units

Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Units

Space-Saving Systems to Handle a Variety of Products

Thermo Scientific X-ray Inspection and Checkweigher Combination Unit

Checkweigher X-Ray Combination System

Providing Maximum Product Safety and Protection of your Brand

Thermo Scientific Global VersaWeigh™ Checkweigher

Global VersaWeigh Checkweigher

Feature Packer Checkweigher with Wide Product Range and High-Speed Capability

Thermo Scientific Versa Flex Checkweigher

Versa Flex Checkweigher

Economical Checkweigher that Doesn't Scrimp on Performance

Thermo Scientific Versa Frame 44HD Heavy Duty 

Versa Frame 44HD Heavy Duty Weighframe Checkweigher

Inline Weighing for Large Packages

Thermo Scientific Versaweigh Chain 8120

Versa High Speed Chain Checkweigher

Robust Chain Checkweigher for Speeds up to 700 Per/Minute

Thermo Scientific Versa Teorema Can Checkweigher

Versa Teorema Can Checkweigher

High-Speed Can Checkweighing


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