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Sentinel 1000 Selectscan Metal Detector

Selectscan Multi Selectable Frequencies

Sentinel 1000 Selectscan Metal Detector

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Selectscan technology enables food processors to have an easy way to rapidly identify the single best frequency for an application. It tunes out product effect and adapts results to account for temperature changes and electromagnetic interference. At the same time it provides documentation of results from each production run. It is a completely new and holistic approach.

All models offer the following features to achieve the highest level of food safety:

  • Frequency Range 50 to 1000 kHz, multiscan runs up to five frequencies

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen with new Autolearn function to quickly optimize set-up

  • Detailed graphical displays for phase, rejects, quality test, and detection thresholds to enable easy fine tuning and troubleshooting

  • IP69K for severe washdown and dust, eliminating repair costs

  • All electronics are integral, so mounting is easy and flexible

  • All balance functions are implemented in software, so no need for manual, hardware rebalance in the field

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