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With a line of both small character and large character coders, we have the right solution for any coding requirements. We offer both a traditional CIJ and HP TIJ small character coders. Our large character options include high-resolution coders for alphanumerics and barcodes on corrugated cases and DOD coders for simple coding on porous substrates. Our multi-head coder is perfect for multi-lane vertical baggers and our UV curable coder will produce high-resolution code on any surface.

Cal-Pak Product Identificaton Group Logo
Linx 8900 CIJ Coder
Norwix iSP TIJ Coder
CoPilot 128 High Res Coder
SmartJet DUO Pro TIJ Coder
SmartJet DUO Max TIJ Coder
Smart Jet Duo Reach TIJ Coder
copilot max lt
CoPilot Gemini High Res Coder
Norwix iM2 Hig Res Coder
Marksman ELITE High Res Codre
Marksman Matrix High Res Coder
CoPilot Max Turbo High Res coder
CoPilot Max 512i High Res Coder
Marksman HMI-VX Series Valvejet Coder
QM DOD Series Valvejet Coder
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