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Checkweigher X-Ray Combination System

Providing Maximum Product Safety and Protection of your Brand

Checkweigher X-Ray Combination System

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The Thermo Scientific™ X-ray and Checkweigher combination system includes the Thermo Scientific NextGuard™ C330 X-ray inspection and the Thermo Scientific Global Versa checkweigher systems with integrated conveyor belts and dual rejection systems.

The NextGuard C330 is ideal for finding dense or sharp objects in a wide variety of products as well as detecting errors like over/under fill or missing, misplaced, cracked, or incorrectly formed products. The Versa checkweigher has proprietary software with advanced automatic-zero algorithms to ensure accuracy standards are maintained over time, regardless of environment, and is engineered for ease of maintenance.

Features and Benefits

  • Single point for maintenance: Set-up and calibration of the x-ray and checkweigher systems can be done together at the same time.

  • Space saving: This combination system can save from 200 cm to 1,000 cm in length of valuable packaging line space.

  • Budget saving: Combination units save on the purchase of hardware.

  • Single point for quality control:  Rejection of out-of-range weight and contaminated products are side by side for easy removal.

  • Each system has its own HMI control screen, and both are visible from a single point allowing simultaneous review of real time data from both systems.

  • X-ray belt can help pull pitch of products, regulating product presentation going onto the checkweigher.  

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