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Versa Teorema Can Checkweigher

High-Speed Can Checkweighing

Versa Teorema Can Checkweigher

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Combining rugged capability with accuracy, the Thermo Scientific™ Versa Teorema checkweigher provides a new standard in high-rate can weighing.

The Versa Teorema Can Checkweigher Features

  • Side-to-side conveyor transfer capability at the in-feed and out-feed

  • Photo-eyes to provide controlled feed of cans via a can-stop

  • Feed-screw properly spaces open or closed cans, steel or aluminum cans and 2- or 3-piece cans at speeds up to 700 cans/minute

  • High-rate reject mechanism with special profile for product handling control

  • Open design and stainless steel construction facilitate high-pressure cleaning

  • Auto monitor of temperature and humidity to prevent heat and moisture concerns

  • Durability for harsh environment can line operation

  • No moving parts weigh section (no chains or belts) for high accuracy and low maintenance

  • Highest levels of safety guarding and interlock

  • Specified for the highest levels of washdown and humidity

  • Equipped with Thermo Scientific™ Versa Checkweigher Controller

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