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The Benefits of Sleeve Bundling

Sleeve bundling is a great way to unitize individual products into 2, 3 or 4 pack units. These packs can then be loaded into shipping cases as they are when single. The minimal film used will not affect the existing case size. The clear film sleeve will not cover product label information or graphics.


Using a sleever and shrink tunnel is an easy integration into an existing production line. Far easier than a traditional bundler. This also can handle small diameter containers that are problematic for other types of over wrapping equipment. Containers can be delivered in predetermined group counts using a simple timing screw while still traveling on existing conveyors. There is no cross pushing or transferring required. The sleever drops a sleeve over the group and it is then shrunk without stopping the product, to create a secure multipack.


This provides a benefit for distribution to smaller outlets that may need less than a case count. Rather than handling individual products, a 3-pack would be a single unit and easier to handle.

Cal-Pak, Inc. Packing Tape image

Shrink Sleevers & Tunnels

Full Body Shrink Sleevers create a clean and vibrant image to your product. Full body shrink sleeve labels provide a uniform and complete label for you product with excellent graphics and information to enhance the appearance of most any style of container. Curves and unusual shapes are no problem for a shrink sleeve label as it will form around any contour.

Upgrade your Product’s Appearance


Our AFM Series of applicators can apply a simple tamper evident neck band or partial and full body shrink sleeve labels at speeds up to 350 units per minute. The applicators are coupled with either an electric or steam shrink tunnel to provide a uniform shrinking of the sleeve around all contours of your product.  

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