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OPTX Tray Packers T-80 and T-105

High-Speed Continuous Motion Tray Packing

OPTX Tray Packers T-80 and T-105

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Douglas' OPTX™ tray packers are available as stand-alone units or fully integrated systems with an OPTX shrink wrapper for tray-shrink applications. Capable of tray packing loose cans and bottles, cartons, and bundles, high performance handling of both products and packaging materials optimize efficiency.

Every element is designed to simplify operator and maintenance staff’s ability to monitor machine operation and to ergonomically access the machine when needed. It’s a design personnel easily adopt and take ownership of.


  • OPTX T-80: up to 80 cycles per minute

  • OPTX T-105: up to 105 cycles per minute

  • Single lane and dual lane tray packing solutions available

  • Stand-alone continuous motion tray packer or integrated with a shrink wrapper;

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

Smartrak Infeed Design

OPTX provides the simplicity and control that operators and maintenance personnel desire.

  • OPTX metering systems handle round containers and square shaped products including cartons and bundles with simple changeover. Solutions include the innovative variable path robotic  metering, offering both simplicity and flexibility over conventional pin metering systems, and the Douglas Slipstream pinless metering system with  years of proven performance.

  • Optimizing product stability and size range flexibility, full width conveyors span the grouping section.

  • For efficient transfer of product groups to sweep bars, acceleration of product groupings is controlled.

  • Unmatched visual and physical access is provided for changeover and routine operation, a result of having no roller chains under the product, no individual lane transport chains and adjustments, and overhead supported lane guides requiring no disassembly. Also, maintenance is reduced and access to tray feeding is free of obstructions.

Variable Path Robotic Metering

Intuitive operation physically registers leading edge of product groups and controls group separation from incoming flow.

  • Recipe setting of product group length and controlled separation

  • Dual overhead pin bars register and release product groups of round products

  • A simple change to straight bars and recipe control of a variable position transfer point positively meters groups of cartons, bundles and square cornered containers

  • Changeover is simplified with open access to 2 registration bars, unobstructed lane guide adjustments, and recipe selection

Slipstream™ Pinless Metering

Incorporating slip sheet methodology and technologies managing incoming line pressures, Slipstream metering is proven to perform.

  • Adept for metering and grouping all product types and shapes with minimal or even no change parts

  • Nested product flow through infeed and product metering reduces the number of lane guides and changeover

  • For soft PET bottle applications such as water, the nested product flow, low line pressure and pinless design excels at running soft compressible containers

  • Accurate product registration across all lanes via servo controlled metering conveyors, slip sheet controlled group length and separation, and metering bars control of group tightness for precise delivery to tray loading

Tray/Pad Feeding & Pack Forming

  • Ergonomic operator side magazine loading

  • Balanced orbital tray feeder motion is engineered for high speed performance, while the cantilevered design offers open access and fewer parts to maintain

  • Simplified tray feeder and metering system designs enable lower machine elevation and ease of access

  • Seamless merging and loading provides precise control of both product and corrugated materials

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