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Smart Jet DUO Max

Thermal Coder Capable of Up to 2" of Print Height

Smart Jet DUO Max

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MSSC's DUO family of thermal coders offers a 1” printhead well suited for many shipping case coding applications. When a second printhead is added a full 2” print height is available. Paired with the DUO Controller, the MAX gives you the opportunity to code 1″ tall messages on both sides of a product!

It allows you to print everything from text, counter, box/lot and expiration date to Julian date, shiftcode and barcodes.

  • 1″ (25mm) print height

  • 4-5 mm throw distance

  • Double sided 1″ (25mm) coding

  • Porous or non-porous inks

  • Bulk inks available

  • Solvent based (Non-Porous) or Water based (Porous) available

  • Connect to database with Smart-Jet Duo controller

  • Stitch plate available for 2″ print height

  • 2m cables between Duo controller and printhead

  • GS1 barcodes, date/lot, logos, etc

  • Anti-shock system on each printhead


  • Text, Counter, Box/Lot, Datetime, Expiry Date, Julian Date, Shiftcode, Image, Database (TXT, CSV, SQL, MySQL, SQLite, JSON)

  • Barcodes (Code 11, Code 39, Code 128, EAN, QR, Datamatrix, GS1 Datamatrix)

  • POD (Print online data)

  • Free design in template up to 2" (50.8mm), 2 head

  • Integrate with other devices (PLC, Camera, Checkweigher) via RJ45

  • Real-time Printing

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

  • Data upload, Backup & Recovery via USB

  • Built-in sensor

  • External Sensor, Encoder and Alarm beacon

  • Maximum length of template up to 78.74" (2m)

  • English (default), German, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Russian

  • Store up to 8GB template on the printer’s memory

  • Windows true fonts

  • Automatic recognition of ink type and ink parameters

  • Nozzle warming, auto-jet and self-cleaning capabilities to extend cartridge lifetime

  • Nozzle status checking

  • Solvent ink for porous and non-porous material

  • Aqueous ink for printing on porous and semi-porous material

  • Support various colors of ink

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