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OPTX S-80 and S-105 Shrink Wrappers

High-Speed, Continuous Motion Film-Only Bundling

OPTX S-80 and S-105 Shrink Wrappers

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Douglas' OPTX™  shrink wrappers excel with flexibility, performance and package quality. Film handling and cutting innovations improve operating tolerance, while shrink tunnel technology simplifies setup for producing durable and appealing packages. Built-in reliability makes it a shrink wrapper that simply performs. OPTX shrink wrappers easily accommodate large size ranges ideal for the food and beverage industries.

This results in less downtime, reduced demand on your workforce and increased productivity. Optimize performance, simplify operation, reduce maintenance and enhance package quality with OPTX shrink wrappers.


  • OPTX S-80: up to 80 cycles per minute

  • OPTX S-105: up to 105 cycles per minute


  • Available as a stand-alone unit or integrated with a tray packer

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

  • Clear or printed film wrapping of trayed product

  • Single or dual spindle side film stands available for easy film loading and splicing

  • Shrink tunnels utilizing XACT 360™ Air Control Technology are engineered using computational fluid dynamics, providing laminar air flow and balanced heat distribution that results in optimal durability and visual appeal for every package

  • Film roller design counteracts wrinkles and overlapping induced by variations in film, improving cutting efficiency and package quality

Film cutting efficiency is designed in delivering operation tolerance and simplicity

  • Reduced occurrence of uncut film and film transfer issues through the cutter

  • Film cutting tension assured by proprietary single nip roller and vacuum table designs with edge-to edge film control; reduces missed cuts due to tension loss that can occur in designs with dual nip rollers

  • Vacuum table provides positive film transfer and control, eliminating the second nip roller and related setup and film transfer issues

  • High-speed cutting motion provides consistency, tolerance against film variations, and optimized full-sleeve application

  • Automatic Film Splicing

  • Servo Driven Wrapping Wands with removable wrapping tracks

  • Electric or gas powered shrink tunnels

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