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Axiom IM Wrap Around Case Packer

High-Speed Intermittent Case Packer for Trays, Wrap or End-Load Cases

Axiom IM Wrap Around Case Packer

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Douglas' Axiom® IM case and tray packer combines the ultimate in dependable high speed operation with gentle product handling, servo controlled precision and unparalleled flexibility. The open frame modular design platform, innovative infeed technologies and simple, menu-driven changeovers allow effortless adaptation to evolving and uncertain product life cycles. Smart, simple and ready for anything, the Axiom® IM offers industry leading performance in a compact, low maintenance package.


  • Speeds up to 45 cases and trays per minute

  • A variety of infeeds and metering techniques for efficient product handling

  • Optional Velocity® High Speed Stacker provides continuous product flow up to 600 products per minute while maintaining remarkable stability

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

  • Touch screen selectable product recipes automatically control precise adjustments throughout the machine with one touch jam clearing included

  • Small footprint saves valuable floor space

  • Sanitary frame design and stainless steel washdown options

A variety of advanced infeed solutions are offered to optimize performance for specific product types while maintaining gentle product handling to ensure highest package integrity. 

Some commonly used systems include:

Servo Lane Mergers and Dividers – Perfect for applications where any shape or sized product cannot be flood or mass fed. A fixed number of products are smoothly fed to metering systems, where balanced product lanes are required.

Recirculating Conveyor – A complete recirculating loop system that controls   product population and reduces line pressure as products are distributed into lanes.

Velocity® II High Speed Stacker – Gently forms stacked product patterns without interruption, providing continuous product flow at speeds up to 600 products per minute. Patented techniques include an increased flexibility for running different product heights while still providing tool-less changeovers with an intuitive HMI control panel.

Pick and Place – Ideal for products such as tapered cups that cannot be pushed one against the other. A variety of vacuum or mechanical techniques are used, depending on the application.

Raise on Return Loading – This high speed loading technique starts to accumulate product for the next pack pattern as soon as the loader clears the accumulation section.

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