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Axiom DL Wrap Around Case Packer

Streamlined Performance with Straight Through Product Flow

Axiom DL Wrap Around Case Packer

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Using dual paddle metering to directly load product onto the case or tray blank minimizes unnecessary components to increase production efficiency. Servo functions reliably and accurately pack cartons, bottles, cans, jars, jugs and more using innovative infeed technology and high speed horizontal case loading methods with precise product control. Douglas' Axiom® DL offers inline product flow and gentle delivery into the case or tray. Its compact footprint is able to reach speeds up to 55 cases or trays per minute.


  • Speeds up to 55 cases or trays per minute

  • Gentle servo driven product handling

  • Inline direct loading into case or tray

  • Precise flap gluing, folding and compression – no flight chain camming

  • Continuous motion case squaring and sealing produces squared cases at high speeds

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

  • Large size range

  • Walk-in frame design

A variety of advanced infeed solutions are offered to optimize performance for specific product types while maintaining gentle product handling to ensure highest package integrity. 

Some commonly used systems include:

Servo Lane Mergers and Dividers – Perfect for applications where any shape or sized product cannot be flood or mass fed. A fixed number of products are smoothly fed to metering systems, where balanced product lanes are required.

Recirculating Conveyors – A complete recirculating loop system that controls product population and reduces line pressure as products are distributed into lanes.

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