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Axiom ARC Wrap Around Case Packer

Innovative Loading with Ultimate Product Control

Axiom ARC Wrap Around Case Packer

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Douglas' innovative Axiom® ARC loader provides product containment across transfer points making it a great solution for unstable products. The Axiom® ARC manages large size ranges and flexible, odd-shaped packages while controlling product through the entire load cycle.

Servo functions reliably and accurately pack cartons, bottles, cans, jars, jugs and more using innovative infeed technology and high speed case loading methods with precise product control.


  • Speeds up to 110 cases or trays per minute

  • Pre-load case forming allows the cases to support the product while loading

  • ARC loader provides maximum product containment

  • Simpler loader mechanism than a barrel cam load design

  • Gentle servo driven product handling

  • Continuous motion case squaring and sealing produces  squared cases at high speeds

  • Precise flap gluing, folding and continuous motion compression – no flight chain camming

  • Tool-less changeovers

  • Walk-in frame design

High-Speed Case Setup – Pre-load setup allows the case or tray to support the product while loading.

Douglas ARC Loader – With fewer parts and its overhead design, the ARC loader offers better access and faster changeover than a barrel cam design. Also, product can be contained on all four sides while being loaded.

Flap Folding and Compression – More accurate glue application and consistent glue compression with flap folding from the sides of the machine than systems with cammed chain flights.

A variety of advanced infeed solutions are offered to optimize performance for specific product types while maintaining gentle product handling to ensure highest package integrity. 

Some commonly used systems include:

Servo Lane Mergers and Dividers – Perfect for applications where any shape or sized product cannot be flood or mass fed. A fixed number of products are smoothly fed to metering systems, where balanced product lanes are required.

Recirculating Conveyors – A complete recirculating loop system that controls product population and reduces line pressure as products are distributed into lanes.

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