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OPTX SPS-30 and SPS-60

All-in-One Tray Packer and Shrink Wrapping for Mid-Speed Applications

OPTX SPS-30 and SPS-60

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OPTX™ shrink wrap systems offer exceptional performance and the best finished package appearance and durability available. Simplicity is the backbone of this platform, making it a shrink pack system that simply performs. OPTX offers a full spectrum of innovative features that maximize speed and easily accommodate large size ranges and pack patterns ideal for the food and beverage industries.

From the first look, it’s obvious that simplicity and performance are priorities and OPTX provides more.


  • OPTX SPS-30: up to 30 cycles per minute

  • OPTX SPS-60: up to 60 cycles per minute

  • Tray/shrink solutions and optional film-only or pad capability

  • Single stream with optional multi-stream capability

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

  • Side mounted film stand assures proper ergonomics and adds convenience for film loading and splicing

  • Flexible servo driven wrapping wand provides exceptional film control

  • Shrink tunnels utilizing XACT 360™ Air Control Technology are engineered using computational fluid dynamics, providing laminar air flow and balanced heat distribution that results in optimal durability and visual appeal for every package

Smartrak II Infeed Design

Eliminates soft bottle bridging and removes gaps to ensure pack pattern accuracy and continuous product flow.

  • Modulated conveyor speeds control product surge and aid prduct flow

  • Tool-less clamps and pinned lane guide adjustments for stable operation and quick, accurate changeovers

  • Single clamp design at each cross member quickly locks in multiple lanes

Variable Path Metering

Innovations to our patented Slipstream™ pinless metering system incorporate variable path registration bar technology and slip sheet technology.

  • Gently groups and meters products into the machine

  • Dynamic variable path motion registers products with less pressure and interruption to product flow

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