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Cal-Pak addresses challenges and the packaging solutions to solve them


March 2022

You have challenges. We have the solutions. 

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Customer Challenge: Affordable Case Coding

A new customer reached out to us for a solution to upgrade their case coding on a tight budget. They were a young company grappling with case coding demands from their new customers. As with most growing companies their cash flow was tight. They needed a coding system capable of applying high-quality barcodes and 2D codes onto their corrugated shipping cases with a 2” tall print at an affordable price.

Our challenge was to provide the ability to print a total of 2” print height in a cost conscious coder package that would be easy to install and operate and would require little maintenance which would keep the overall cost down.

Case Coder Highlights

  • Touchscreen icon-based HMI

  • Barcode and 2D code capable

  • Simple mounting design for self-installation

  • New printhead with each ink change

  • Bulk ink option available to reduce cost per code

  • 2” print height

The MSSC Smart-Jet MAX is a scalable, case coding platform which utilizes 1” TIJ style printheads. The coder is a simple-to-install-and-operate design which allows the customer to handle the installation and startup if desired, thus keeping the investment low. The printheads are able to print in 600, 300 or 150 dpi which provide flexibility in ink usage and cost. The coder can utilize either basic cartridges, which are replaced when the ink in the cartridge is used up, or a bulk system, which provides a 400ml ink supply with the printhead cartridge, further reducing the cost per code.


The controller is a simple, icon-based touchscreen that is easy to learn for operators of all levels. It can run one or two printheads. To obtain the 2” print height, the two printheads are stacked one on top of the other. The two heads can also provide a 1” code on two sides of the case. The Smart-Jet MAX is a very affordable solution for applying high-resolution codes to porous substrates.

Print 2 Inches of Case Code in a No-Maintenance, Cost-Conscious Coder Package

Smart Jet MAX Coder
Smart Jet MAX Coder
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