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Q125 Stand Alone Labeler

High-Speed Servo Controlled Labeler

Q125 Stand Alone Labeler
Quadrel Q125 Label Applicator

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Quadrel's Q125 servo driven applicator is a technically advanced labeling solution featuring closed-loop, servo controlled web handling.  This feature provides precise, applied accuracy at very high production rates. Additional features include color touchscreen HMI and Allen Bradley PLC control.

The Q125 servo driven applicator is a technically-advanced, labeling solution for applications requiring very high speeds and 24/7 reliability in the harshest environments. The closed servo driven, web handling is the most advanced technology available today and delivers unparalleled speed and accuracy.  The modular design is well suited for integration of thermal transfer printers, laser printer and vision systems.

Additionally, the Q125 features a color touchscreen HMI control and heavy-duty mounting hardware for precise changeovers, as well as a wide array of cautionary and fatal faults.


  • Robust stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction

  • Touchscreen controls with password protected menus

  • 50 programmable product presets

  • Integrated label impresser

  • Outboard supported label drive with sealed roller bearings

  • Quick disconnect electronics with integrated optical sensors

  • Intelligent servo label drive

  • Encoder-based speed compensation

  • Rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction

  • Precision sealed bearings

  • Outboard supported drive yoke for long-term reliability and consistent web tracking

  • Dependable performance in harsh environments

  • 16” (406mm) label unwind for less frequent roll changes

  • Optical label detection sensor

  • Adjustable hydraulic waste rewind clutch

  • Integrated fan-cooled electronics

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