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Q105-Q110 Stand Alone Labeler

Stepper-Driven Labelers for Moderate Speeds

Q105-Q110 Stand Alone Labeler
Quadrel Q105/Q110 Label Applicator

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Quadrel's Q105 and Q110 stepper-driven applicators are simple, rugged labelers designed for moderate speeds and 24/7 reliability. Features include PLC control with color touchscreen and built-in on-board electronics. The built-in controls make the Q105 and Q110 ideal for a wide variety of applications.

The Q105/Q110 stepper-driven applicators are economically priced, heavy-duty labelers designed for long term reliability and ease of service and operation. Featuring PLC control with flash memory makes the Q105 and Q110 ideally suited to a wide variety of applications. The built-in controls also make the Q105 and Q110 easily integratable into existing production lines.

Additional features include 16" label-roll capacity, heavy-duty outboard supported drive assembly and a number of standard fault options including low label, broken web and end of web.


  • PLC controls and color touchscreen operator interface

  • Microprocessor controls with password protected menus

  • 20 programmable product presets

  • Integrated label impresser

  • Outboard supported label drive with sealed roller bearings

  • Quick disconnect electronics with integrated optical sensors

  • Intelligent stepper label drive

  • Encoder-based speed compensation  (with optional encoder)

  • Rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction

  • Precision sealed bearings

  • Outboard supported drive yoke for long-term reliability
    and consistent web tracking

  • Dependable performance in harsh environments

  • 16” (406mm) label unwind for less frequent roll changes

  • Optical label detection sensor

  • Integrated fan-cooled electronics

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