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LS7000 Stand Alone Labeler

All-Electric Labeler with Great Application Flexibility

LS7000 Stand Alone Labeler
Foxjet LS7000 Label Applicator

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Foxjet's all-electric LS7000 label applicator doesn’t require any plant air. Power the entire solution through a single plug with none of the frequent interventions required to make adjustments with unreliable pneumatic labelers. Manufacturers can synchronize their entire fleet of labelers with remote access capabilities, checking status and diagnostics off the line at one location. Reliably wipe or tamp apply labels in various applications including to the side, top, bottom, front, rear and corner-wrap of product, case and pallet panels.


  • Large 7” diagnostic display with responsive touchscreen capabilities

  • Prevents double feeds and mislabeled products with smart sensing technology at the peel point

  • Servo motor label dispensing for repeatable label placement

  • Remote accessibility with controller or PC

  • Wipe or tamp apply

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