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Model 70 Partition Inserter

Chipboard Partition Inserting


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With servo powered opening and inserting, A-B-C Packaging's partitioner blends two steps into one harmonious action for smooth partition opening and precise placement to ensure efficient case packing.

  • Single head speeds to 35 cpm, Dual head speeds to 50 cpm

  • Top flexibility with no-tools changeover

  • Large, easy load partition magazine

  • In-line design for easy installation between erector and packer

Single and Dual Head Partition Inserters for all Applications 
Achieve high speed operation with servo precision, with two models available: Single head for speeds to 35 cpm, dual head for speeds to 50 cpm.  To ensure continuous operation, the partition magazine may be refilled at any time.

Positive Control for Reliable Partition Inserting
Partitions are maintained under full control throughout indexing, opening, and inserting. Dual servos provide precise opening and inserting in one synchronized motion, and dual servo lateral stabilizers lock the partition open before insertion. Cases are indexed into correct position against conveyor stops, and funnels lower into the case to guide partitions and ensure proper alignment.

Large, Easy-Load Partition Magazine
The magazine is designed with features to hold partitions in the proper compression to ensure reliable feed, and offers easy loading at any time during operation. The standard magazine holds 250 partitions and optional extended magazines are available to increase capacity.

Rapid, No-Tools Changeover ensures Top Flexibility 
For changeover, the operator simply selects the new size, then follows the sequence shown on the touchscreen display. Quick-turn locking handles and hand turnwheels simplify dimensional adjustments, and easy-lock modular gripper assemblies ensure a quick return to production.


Model 70 Partitioner Inserter
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