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Model 72B Low-Level Bag Palletizer

Energy Efficient Electrical Palletizer

Model 72B Low-Level Bag Palletizer

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  • Floor-level bag palletizing saves space with high or low-level infeed

  • Auto bag orientation and infeed control

  • Easy to install; low air consumption means no added compressor

This machine is a simple and reliable solution to replace manual bag palletizing and eliminate related risks. It’s a flexible machine that runs a variety of industrial-sized bags, providing square, secure pallet loads, regardless of bag dimension variation. No stairs or platforms are required for installation or operation, and all palletizing operations and maintenance points are conveniently located at floor level.

  • Floor-level bag palletizing saves space- low, medium or high level bag infeed

  • Compact footprint for easy installation

  • Easy access, high visibility design with full machine guarding

  • Gentle bag handling-orientation, positioning and transfer

  • Palletize large bags of agricultural, chemical and building supply products, food ingredients, flours and more

Economical Floor Level Palletizer

While this palletizer operates at floor level, it accepts cases from any level. So you can enjoy the benefits of low-level operation with low, medium or high-level case feed. The clean, open construction and floor-level access points of this palletizer simplify routine maintenance. On-floor operation allows plant personnel to monitor palletizer operation while performing other tasks.

Gentle Bag Orientation

Bags are gently turned 90, 180 or 270 degrees (depending on the desired pattern) by a pop-up turning device. Bags may be positioned so that the bottom (butt) of the bag or the printed panel will face out on the pallet.

Complete Bag Infeed Control

The flattened bags are detected by sensors, counted and staged before entering the bag palletizer's orienting conveyor to ensure proper spacing and eliminate potential damage from bag-to-bag contact.

Positive Load Transfer

The transfer table has a roller stripper plate which reduces friction, allowing bag transfer without squeezing or shifting the contents which can deform the bag. The edge of the transfer table is stainless steel in a tapered design to allow bags to glide smoothly from table to pallet.

Square Layers Form High-Quality Pallet Loads

A rear layer retainer plate and two-side layer squaring plates ensure that each layer is centered on the pallet. The layer is held firmly to retain it squarely during the deposit cycle.

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