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Cal-Pak addresses challenges and the packaging solutions to solve them
Packaging Automation Group
Case Packer Vertical and Flat Pack Orientations

Customer Challenge

Our customer had struggled with vacuum-head, pick-and-place case packers for their pillow and stand-up, flexible pouches packed in a flat-pack case orientation for years. 


They were then tasked with adding the ability to pack stand-up pouches in a vertical case orientation while maintaining the current, flat-pack orientation in one case packing system capable of running at 150 bags per minute without vacuum.

Our challenge was to provide a new case packing system able
to package both pillow-style and stand-up flexible pouches in
both vertical AND flat pack orientations in an RSC case without
vacuum. After extensive engineering effort and testing, we found
the solution.

New Case Packer Highlights

  • Run stand-up and pillow-style bags

  • Pack in vertical and flat pack case orientations

  • Able to adjust for multiple bag and case sizes

  • No vacuum

  • 150 bags per minute

  • Case erector, packer and case sealer in one frame

  • Quick changeover

TriVex Sli case packer with articulating SCARA robotic arms
Product Identification Group

Customer Challenge

A new customer reached out to us for a solution to upgrade their case coding on a tight budget. They were a young company grappling with case coding demands from their new customers. As with most growing companies their cash flow was tight. They needed a coding system capable of applying high-quality barcodes and 2D codes onto their corrugated shipping cases with a 2” tall print at an affordable price.

MSSC Smart-Jet Duo Max coder

Our challenge was to provide the ability to print a total of 2” print height in a cost conscious coder package that would be easy to install and operate and would require little maintenance which would keep the overall cost down.

Case Coder Highlights

  • Touchscreen icon-based HMI

  • Barcode and 2D code capable

  • Simple mounting design for self-installation

  • New printhead with each ink change

  • Bulk ink option available to reduce cost per code

  • 2” print height

MSSC Smart-Jet Duo Max coder dual printheads

State of the Industry: Preview of PACK EXPO 2022
From Packaging World Magazine, Feb. 2022

Carrying momentum from September 2021’s PACK EXPO Las Vegas, PMMI continues on its industry reunification tour, this time with the returning regional hit PACK EXPO East 2022.

Pack Expo East logo

With many of the nation’s CPGs, and plenty of pharma manufacturers, located within 200 miles of Philadelphia, PACK EXPO East 2022 promises the full PACK EXPO vibe in an easy-to-get-to location.

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