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Marksman HMI / Vx Valvejet Coder Series

Ideal for Porous and Non-Porous Printing


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Compatible with the 9x and 18x VxSeries printheads, the stainless steel Foxjet's Marksman HMI controller features large graphic icons for easy message creation and selection. A single Marksman HMI controller can drive up to 16 9x or 8 18x VxSeries printheads including combinations of the two printhead sizes for maximum print message flexibility.

  • Industrial Valve Printhead design features 100% environmentally sealed aluminum housings and stainless steel faceplates for long lasting results in demanding environments.

  • System Control & Ink Delivery Hub design allows a single system to power and supply ink to multiple print-heads on separate lines while maintaining system controls safely away from the production line.

  • Autocode Message Creation offers built-in code formats such as date codes, lot codes and batch codes to quickly develop messages for printing.

  • Wide Ink Variety including water and alcohol based formulations are available to print on almost any type of surface including corrugate, plastic, metal, wood, gypsum and PVC.

  • 10.2” color touch screen.

  • Can drive multiple printheads.

  • Simple Graphic User Interface (GUI) with WYSIWYG editor features large buttons for easy message creation and message selection.

  • Connections include 1 Ethernet, 1 USB, 2 RS232.

  • Autocode message creation.

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