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Super Seal Touch Induction Cap Sealer

Enhanced Control and Productivity

Super Seal Touch Induction Cap Sealer

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The Super Seal Touch is the realization of a concept developed by Enercon's mechanical, electrical, service and sales teams. New performance standards include up to twenty percent more sealing power, a seventy-five percent reduction in cap inspection setup time and network connectivity. With an advanced touch screen interface the Super Seal Touch puts packagers in touch with their induction sealing operation like never before.

Up to 20% More Sealing Power For Many Applications

  • Sets up in minutes: pre-programmed and fully integrated with sealer Touch Screen control for inspection and rejection

  • High sensitivity and responsiveness

  • LED bottle centering guide 

Internal Intelligence 

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive touch screen design

  • Supervisory password protection with operator lockout

  • Recipe management

  • IInternal monitoring of all critical operating data

  • Container, cap, and foil counters

  • Descriptive fault information

  • Troubleshooting support Multiple language support

  • Internal USB data port 

Control Options 

  • Local and remote start/stop controls

  • Local and remote power controls

  • Remote network control and monitoring via RS485 or Ethernet 

And that’s not all! 

  • Stainless steel enclosure 

  • Microprocessor control 

  • Universal input voltage compatibility (200V through 240V)

  • Advanced self protective circuitry for electrical components

  • Compatible with Enercon’s current high-efficiency patented sealing heads

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