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Super Seal Pro Induction Cap Sealer

Achieve a Perfect Seal™ with Integrated Intelligence

Super Seal Pro Induction Cap Sealer

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New Larger Touchscreen Enables More Features

The system features a highly responsive 7” touch screen that provides operators with an intuitive experience. The larger screen enables advanced controls supporting remote, recipe and local operating modes and the addition of maintenance reminders.

Built-in Support for a Stressed Labor Force

We know packagers struggle with consistent staffing so we’ve added features to help both new and experienced operators. Help screens instruct operators how to verify if the conveyor, containers, and sealer are set up properly. Troubleshooting tips with visuals are also provided. And, a QR code links to Enercon’s support website for access to videos, detailed how-to articles, and the opportunity to start a support case if needed.

Integrated Intelligence 

The Super Seal Pro™ offers a full complement of detailed fault and event logs, but what’s really special about the system is its integrated intelligence. Should a fault occur the system’s Smart Capture feature records data before, during and after the fault. The data can be downloaded to an integrated USB port and sent to Enercon Engineers for evaluation for rapid troubleshooting. Packagers can also take a snapshot of operating data at any time which can be used by the Enercon support team to validate settings.

  • Integrated setup, operation & troubleshooting assistance

  • Smart Capture Data Intelligence

  • Remote Control & Monitoring

  • New 7” Touchscreen, software upgrades & data downloads

  • Compatible with Current Sealing Heads

  • Complete Range of Cap Inspection and Container Monitoring


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