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TechLine Front-Back Inline Labeler

Custom Configurations for Various Containers

TechLine Front-Back Inline Labeler
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This technically-advanced front, back labeling system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of flat panel or oval containers. Features include a color touchscreen operator interface, Allen-Bradley© PLC control and stainless steel construction with speeds up to 250 products per minute depending on product size.

TechLine surpasses all equipment in its price range and is suitable for multi-shift operations where long-term reliability is important.

This technically advanced front / back labeling system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of flat sided or oval containers. An optional third or fourth applicator may be added for front/back/neck applications or to provide non-stop zero downtime labeling. In addition, a wrap station may be added for round containers.

TechLine’s PLC control & color touch screen with Ethernet capabilities provides seamless integration into many demanding environments.

Optional features such as servo driven label applicators, Allen–Bradley© Panelview touchscreen, servo driven product handling provides higher speeds and enhanced accuracy for the most demanding applications.

The “no tool” product changeover and modular design make TechLine ideal for packaging lines requiring frequent changeovers.

  • Compact Footprint

  • Production rates of up to 250 ppm

  • 50 programmable product profile presets

  • On board, non-volatile memory

  • Stainless Steel welded Frame

  • Four axis integrated labeling head support

  • Labeling head and top hold down conveyor positioning scales

  • 16″ label unwind capacity

  • 4.5″ x 10′ Stainless Steel conveyor (Available in 7″ widths)

  • Stainless Steel Imperial fasteners

  • Integrated Casters and Leveling Pads

  • Chain Aligners for oval bottle orientation

  • Product Spacing Wheel

Quadrel’s TechLine labeling system was designed to provide companies with state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology in a medium priced labeling system.

Available in front/back/wrap or custom configurations, TechLine comes standard with features not normally found on systems at this price point.

Standard features include Allen-Bradley© PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface, stainless steel construction, digital frequency controlled product handling and Ethernet capabilities.

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