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ProLine Inline Labeler

Designed for the Most Demanding 24/7 Labeling Applications

ProLine Inline Labeler
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The ProLine is designed for 24/7 operation and to accommodate a wide variety of flat panel, oval or round containers at speeds in excess of 300ppm. Standard features include all overhead electronics, internationally-compliant guarding, Allen-Bradley PLC, color touchscreen operator interface and servo-driven label applicators and product handling.

Quadrel’s premium in-line system is designed specifically for packagers of automotive motor oil. The ProLine features overhead electronics, internationally-compliant guarding, servo driven components, Allen Bradley PLC control and PanelView color touchscreen. Additional features include all stainless-steel construction, 14 inches of bottom clearance for easy clean up and speeds of up to 480ppm.

This premium quality labeling system sets a new standard for pressure sensitive product labeling. The ProLine system was designed specifically for packagers that require globally-supported,  internationally-compliant factory standardization. Features include internationally compliant guarding, servo driven top hold down and labeling stations, non-proprietary Allen-Bradley PLC control, touchscreen operator interface.

Advanced features include pneumatic slides which reposition the applicators outside of the guarding during roll changes. This pulls the applicator away from the conveyor for ease of label change.

  • Internationally-compliant guarding

  • All overhead mounted electronics

  • Customer-specified PLC platforms

  • Color touchscreen operator interface with password  protection

  • 50 programmable product profile presets

  • Emerson® servo driven top hold down conveyor

  • Emerson® servo driven labeling stations

  • Digital AC inverter motor drives

  • Choice of Chain Alignment or Feed Screw bottle handling

  • Full Ethernet capabilities

  • MicroLogix, Compact Logics and Control Logics Allen-Bradley Panelview color touchscreen 

  • Servo driven label applicators and product handling. 

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