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EconoLine Front-Back Inline Labeler

Economically-Priced Front/Back Labeling System

EconoLine Front-Back Inline Labeler
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This economically-priced, front/back labeling system is simple to set-up, operate and maintain. Features include stainless-steel construction, PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface. Production rates up to 150 products per minute are possible depending on the product size.

This EconoLine labeling system is designed specifically to apply front and back labels on a wide variety of flat-sided or oval containers. An optional third applicator may be added for front, back and neck applications. In addition, a wrap station may be added for round containers.

This system is ideal for applications up to 150 products per minute.

EconoLine features PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface. This provides ease of operation, electronic synchronization of the labeling process and storage of up to 20 label/product presets.

The “no tool” product changeover and modular design make the EconoLine ideal for packaging lines requiring frequent changeovers.

  • Production rate:  up to 150 ppm (dependent upon label/product dimensions)

  • Applied accuracy:  up to +/-1/32″ @ sigma 2

  • Maximum product height: 14″

  • Electronic platform: M2 or M3 microprocessor with encoder-based speed compensation

  • 4-1/2″ width x 120″ length conveyor

  • “No-tool” product changeover

  • Available with stainless-steel, “no crevice” welded frame

Quadrel’s EconoLine is a full-featured labeling system designed for the needs of small, growing companies requiring rugged reliability at a modest price.

Quadrel Labeling System’s NEW EconoLine is Quadrel’s first completely non-proprietary EconoLine System. This EconoLine system now features PLC control and color touchscreen operator interface.

Available in front/back/wrap and custom configurations, all EconoLine systems feature corrosion resistant stainless steel construction, AC frequency driven product handling, velocity compensation, and touch screen operator interface.

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