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Model 450 Automatic Case Erector

High-Speed Case Erector to 50 CPM

Model 450 Automatic Case Erector
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  • High-speed and performance, rugged, compact case erector

  • 20 – 50 cpm erecting and sealing

  • Servo sealing ram ensures square cases at top sealing speeds

This is A-B-C Packaging's ultimate high speed case erector for speeds to 50 cpm, with a production-proven design and packed with top quality features to deliver peak production on the packaging line. This workhorse machine has a heavy steel frame with operation powered by a 3hp motor drive. It’s the top choice for dependable, high speed case erecting.

  • Large capacity, easy load case magazine

  • Features to handle poor corrugated and uneven case stacks

  • Designed for real world production to accommodate off-spec corrugated

  • Servo-powered sealing ram ensures square, well sealed cases

Built for real-world production, this erector has features that accommodate poor corrugated and keep on running. Combining top productivity and low cost of ownership, this powerful machine will be a solid addition to your packaging line.

Case Erector with Intelligent Control Ensures Precise Operation

Intelligent machine control takes PLC logic one step further to provide total control of operation. Closed loop position feedback ensures precise timing of each operating sequence through non-contact sensors.

The full color operator panel shows real-time operating data and allows independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings.


  • Erect and seal cases to 40 cpm

  • Low level magazine- load KDs with no lifting

  • Case squaring compression mandrel

  • No tools changeover for most case sizes

  • Large capacity, easy-load case magazine

  • Case feed designed for smooth operation

  • Reliable case erecting mechanism

  • Positive flap folding and case transfer

  • Servo driven sealing ram

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