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Vectra Cartoner

Efficient and Effective, Cartoning Done Right

Vectra Cartoner
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Built to exacting Douglas Machine standards, the flexible platform of the Vectra™ servo cartoner allows for either continuous or intermittent motion operation based on application requirements. The open architecture design provides easy adaptation to variety of food and beverage plant conditions ranging from dry to hostile washdown area requirements. 

All servo driven technology ensures absolute product control in all machine phases from infeed to discharge. Each motion is precisely designed for your application, resulting in greater throughput, less waste and higher production efficiency. 


  • Speeds up to 300 cartons per minute

  • Compact machine design minimizes required floor space while maximizing the value delivered

  • Variety of infeed solutions, each infeed system is designed specifically for your application

  • Removable carton forming guide ensures consistent carton picks resulting in quick and predictable changeovers

  • Automated overhead adjustment and minimal change parts results in faster changeover

  • Cycle stop compression ensures proper carton sealing during a production stoppage

  • Tucked tab cartons are sealed using a servo driven orbital motion for tuck preparation, insertion and locking function

  • Capable of efficient carton sealing using glue, tucked tab or a combination of both

  • Hygienic frame design offers a robust mounting structure that is easily cleaned and eliminates the use of tubing

  • Full height guard package provides safe operating conditions while maximizing visibility during operation and accessibility during changeover

  • Future upgrades are available

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