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Model 49 Decaser for Necks Down Cases

Compact Decaser for Round and Oval Bottles

Model 49 Decaser for Necks Down Cases

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  • Decase tall glass or plastic bottles

  • Speeds to 70 cpm

  • Runs RSC, HSC or RSC Tablock cases

A-B-C's machine automatically unpacks and single files bottles received in necks-down reshipper cases to ensure a continuous supply of empty bottles to the packaging line. Offering a solid combination of speed and flexibility, combined with gentle bottle handling, this decaser has earned its reputation as a preferred solution for food and beverage manufacturers’ bottle handling requirements.

  • Uncase glass or plastic bottles from RSC, HSC, and RSC-Tablock style cases

  • Eliminate manual labor and liability, and reduce production costs

  • Maintain a consistent container supply to the filler

  • Gentle handling for optimum container integrity and stability

Ensure a Consistent Container Supply

Cases may feed directly from the case depalletizer to the decaser, and are automatically timed into the decaser from back-to-back or spaced conveyor orientation, to ensure proper case feed and decasing.

Replace Hand Labor and Associated Risks

This decaser automatically unloads and single files containers, and uprights the empty case for transfer to packing. This provides ergonomic advantages by eliminating the risk of employee injury or disability from repetitive lifting and dumping of cases.

Gentle Container Handling

Containers glide from the case to an impact-absorbing belt and remain in their pack pattern, spaced and separate, until single filed with minimum container contact. This technique reduces the risk of breakage when running glass, and minimizes the risk of downed bottles when running plastic containers.

Positive Empty-Case Handling

Empty cases are uprighted automatically for transfer to the case packer. An optional 180 degree case turner orients cases to overhead transfer.

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