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SRT-2500 Electric Heat Tunnel

All-Electric Tunnel for Middle, Full Body and Full Body and Cap Shrink Applications

SRT-2500 Electric Heat Tunnel

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The SRT-2500 Electric Heat Tunnel For Shrink Sleeve Labeling

The SRT-2500 Electric Steam Replacement Tunnel for shrink sleeve labeling applications from American Film & Machinery is designed for middle, full body, and full body and cap shrink applications. SRT-2500 doesn’t require steam and is a perfect addition to shrink labeling lines in manufactured goods industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and beauty, consumer goods, and chemical products.

AFM’s SRT-2500 is the perfect answer for shrink sleeve labeling applications where steam tunnels are not an option. SRT-2500 utilizes electric heat to provide steam results without using steam. The system comes equipped with three independent shrink zones that allow airflow in each zoneto be regulated separately. Zone One is for mild heat and general softening, Zone Two is for more intense overall heat, and Zone Three is for very intense, abrupt heat from all sides for fast and even shrinking. As a result, the SRT-2500 provides optimal shrink control and a high-quality finish on several films including PVC, PET, and OPS.

The SRT-2500 Shrink Tunnel Is Best in the Following Applications

  • Ideal for users who prefer the lower maintenance and easier startup/shutdown of an electric tunnel

  • Ideal for sleeving powdered products where steam or moisture is an issue

  • Ideal for sleeving empty containers where steam and moisture isn’t an option

  • Ideal for blow molders and the changing needs of contract packagers

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