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Q34 Print and Apply Applicator

Designed for High-Volume Applications

Q34 Print and Apply Applicator
Quadrel Q34 Print and Apply Applicator

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Quadrel’s engineering department is capable of designing a custom controls package into the Q34 printer applicator.  This could include a custom PLC and non-standard air cylinders, etc.

Quadrel’s new rugged and compact Q34 is the most innovative print & apply labeling system available today. The Q34 contains several unique design features not found on other printer applicators, yet the Q34 is heavy duty enough for the most demanding 24/7 applications and the harshest environments.

The Q34 is available with several application modules including air tamp, air blow, tamp blow, wipe on and pneumatic swing arms for side, top leading edge, adjacent side or corner wrap applications. The Q34 may also be built into a heavy duty pallet labeling system. The Q34 is available with Zebra, Sato or Datamax print engines.

Quadrel offers a variety of custom designs for print & apply labeling including, wrap, tope/bottom or front/back systems.

  • Allen Bradley© Micro800 Series PLC control

  • Password protection

  • Onboard Diagnostics

  • Product counter, label counter, and product per minute display

  • Stainless steel electric chassis and 5/8” aluminum side plate construction

  • Innovative machined mounting yoke for positive applicator positioning

  • Clear polycarbonate back cover permits instant inspection of all internal components

  • Tamp cylinder assembly pivots away from printer for ease of threading and maintenance

  • All sensors feature quick disconnect fittings for ease of service

  • All pneumatics also feature color coded tubing with quick connect fittings

  • Plasma coated air assist tube eliminates adhesive buildup

  • Dual action rewind permits printer back feed at the beginning OR the end of print sequence

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