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LS7100 Print and Apply Labeler

All-Electric Labeling System

LS7100 Print and Apply Labeler
Foxjet LS7100 Print and Apply Labeler

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Foxjet's LS7100 all-electric print and apply labeler has enhanced capabilities to achieve accurate label placement at high speeds using servo-controlled label dispensing technology and intelligent auto-adjusting sensor controls. Reliably print and apply labels in flexible orientations on cases or pallets including the front, rear, side, top, bottom, and corner-wrap. Manufacturers gain the ability to remote-in anytime as if they were on the line to run systems or check labeler statuses. Remote access options include the handheld controller, the Touch Pro PC or from a personal computer via ethernet connection.

Key Features

  • 7” intuitive color touchscreen diagnostic display

  • Smart sensors providing real time feedback for quick troubleshooting capabilities

  • Missing label sensors ensure a label is applied on every package

  • Redundant systems capabilities

  • Label dispensing driven by servo-motors for accurate label placement

  • Configurable modules in Tamp, FASA, WASA and High-Speed Tamp applications

  • Compatible with Touch Pro or handheld controller for remote access

  • Option to pair with barcode scanner for verification in your material handling

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