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Model 72A Low-Level Palletizer

Multi-Functional Modular Design

Model 72A Low-Level Palletizer

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  • Low-level palletizer design is easy to install and maintain

  • Accepts cases from low or high-level infeed palletizing

  • PLC control provides flexibility and simple operation for palletizing

The Model 72A low-level palletizer offers top reliability and flexibility with efficient floor level operation for reduced operating costs. It handles cases, trays, display packs and totes with features for ultrasmooth product transfer and perfect load positioning, and delivers square pallet loads for efficient transport. With one-touch control and rapid product changeover, this machine is an industry-leading palletizing solution.

  • Rugged machine construction for long term reliability

  • Floor-level palletizing with low, medium, or high level-product feed

  • Energy efficient operation

  • Open design for high visibility with full-machine guarding

Economical Floor Level Palletizer

While this palletizer operates at floor level, it accepts cases from any level. So you can enjoy the benefits of low-level operation with low, medium or high-level case feed. The clean, open construction and floor level access points of this palletizer simplify routine maintenance. On-floor operation allows plant personnel to monitor palletizer operation while performing other tasks.

Palletizer Features Positive Load Transfer

Designed for reliable and powerful load transfer, the 72A palletizer features a mechanical row pusher bar with a dual chain drive. It utilizes a counterweighted elevator table to ensure stable product transfer and eliminate stress on the drive motor, for longer motor life.

The vertical transport is powered by a variable frequency motor drive, which eliminates shock to the product by providing a soft start and stop during load transport.

Angled, Reinforced Transfer Table Ensures Effortless Layer Transfer

The stainless reinforced elevator table is designed for the long haul. The heavy gauge stainless transfer plate is supported by crossbar reinforcing beams, reducing case friction and eliminating table load stress for case palletizing.

Features to Ensure Efficient Case Transport to Palletizing

The self-adjusting layer retainer sweep bar on the 72A palletizer compensates for case load variations, to ensure a positive sweep for every load. It automatically centers each layer on the pallet, eliminating additional adjustments during changeover.

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