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Cal-Pak highlights the packaging advantage achieved with norwix coding systems.

With New Multi-lane and UV Curable High-Resolution Coding Systems

Norwix marking systems

iSP Multi-Lane Coding Systems

The Norwix iSP multi-lane coding system is a scalable platform capable of 2 or 16 lanes of code in a vertical or horizontal format. It is an excellent alternative to TTO technology which requires a great deal of space with a vertical bagger and is difficult to access for ribbon changes. 

The entire multi-lane printing frame slides out which makes changing the HP print cartridges easy and quick. You are back in production in a fraction of the time needed to replace thermal ribbons in each TTO printer. The entire platform is controlled from a single HMI screen.


Norwix iSP coder

Benefits for You


  • Reduced hardware costs

  • Simple ink cartridge change with no mess

  • Single operator interface screen

  • Requires minimal space

  • Adaptable to vertical and horizontal systems

  • Prints on any film type

  • No maintenance costs

Norwix iSP Coder

iM2 UV Curable Coding System

Norwix iM2 Coder

The Norwix iM2 coding system is a high-speed, high-resolution UV curable technology capable of a wide variety of applications. The UV-cured mark is a permanent durable code, and with line speeds up to 900 fpm, it is a perfect solution for web applications on any substrate. 

The platform can run multiple printheads from a single controller making setup a snap. With our simple bracketry this can be adapted to any existing equipment. The UV curable mark can be applied to any of your individual packaging line as well to mark individual packages.

Benefits for You


  • Easy to adapt to existing equipment

  • UV curable ink for permanent mark

  • High resolution at 900 from

  • Single controller for multiple printheads

  • Long printhead life

  • Low cost per code

Norwix iM2 Coder
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