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Model SB-2EX Uniform Auto Case Sealer

Automates Flap-Folding and Case-Sealing Process

Model SB-2EX Uniform Auto Case Sealer

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The SB-2EX Auto is a semi-automatic uniform side belt case taper designed to close all four top case flaps and seal the top and bottom of each case. The adjustable plow system provides the utmost flexibility for varying types of carton sealing applications and provides a great alternative to hand taping. The SB-2EX Auto will seal up to 20 cases per minute.

The SB-2EX Auto will accept cartons from a powered conveyor and will automatically close the top carton flaps. A rugged stainless steel plow folds down the front panel, while a rear kicker folds down the trailing minor flap prior to the major flaps being folded. The SB-2EX Auto automatically meters cartons with a photo eyed controlled gating system. 

Top squeezing rollers help keep the major flaps together while keeping the carton square prior to tape application SB-2EX Auto offers fast and easy case changes and flexibility for boxes 5” to 24” in length. The adjustable hand cranks can be moved to either side of the machine and allow for quick carton change over. This feature allows you to locate either side against a wall, while being able to maintain control of the adjustments from the opposite side. SB-2EX Auto utilizes Eastey’s EX Quick-Load top and bottom tape cartridges and will seal boxes as narrow as4.5” wide and as low as 4.5” tall.


  • Utilizes Eastey’s Easy-Taper tape head

  • Dual mast for tape head stability

  • Top compression rollers

  • Interchangeable top and bottom tape cartridges Plug-in and go operation

  • Powder coated 12 gauge steel

  • Adjustable side guides

  • Industrial strength top and bottom belts

  • Adjustable leg extensions

  • Standard adjustable legs for 27” to 34.6” conveyor heights

  • Fast and easy box size changes

  • Low maintenance

  • Casters for transportation within plant

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