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Model 236 Case Sealer

Mid-Range Top Case Sealer in Glue or Tape

Model 236 Case Sealer
ABC Packaging Machine Company

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  • Midrange case sealing for 15-25 cpm

  • Compact, only 10' long

  • Seal with hot melt adhesive or tape

Model 236 is a compact machine but it’s built for top production, from its heavy steel box frame to its production-proven components that make A-B-C case sealers the gold standard of 24/ reliability. With a low maintenance design and quick change versatility, this machine will provide a solid return on your case sealing investment.

  • Seal top flaps with hot melt adhesive or pressure sensitive tape at speeds to 25 cpm

  • Small footprint (only 8’ long) for easy installation

  • Non-stop case feed whether cases are spaced or back-to-back

  • Flexible compression rollers ensure well-sealed cases

Built for Production

This adhesive case sealer's painted steel frame is welded and bolted for strength, and the upper operating mechanisms are secured to the frame by a solid rack and gear system.

Drive shafts are solid 1-1/4" steel. The clear guard doors combine maximum visibility with total protection as they stop production when opened.

All these production features, built into a compact case sealer, make the Model 236 adhesive case sealer the solution for reliable top case sealing.

Nonstop Case Feed for Reliable Sealing

Nonstop case feed keeps your line moving at maximum speed- cases may feed to the sealer back to back or spaced, and the metering belt automatically spaces each case for synchronized flap folding and sealing.

Positive Flap Tucker for Smooth Operation

After the front inner flap is closed by a stationary closer, the rear inner flap is positively closed by the powered flap tucker. After adhesive application, contoured flap folders gently close the outer case flaps at the scoreline, while a positioning bar rides between the flaps to prevent flap overlap. This ensures square cases even when running cases with poor scores.

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