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Apex Sleevers

Adaptable Sleever Provides Performance without Fail

Apex Sleevers
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Douglas' Apex™ sleever machines offer class-leading paperboard solutions for a wide range of products, sleeve styles and pack configurations. With speeds up to 300 sleeves per minute, easily adaptable product handling options, advanced servo technology and heavy gauge stainless steel construction, Apex delivers a non-stop powerhouse of performance, versatility and reliability. 

Apex sleevers offer rugged reliability combined with the latest innovative technologies to easily and precisely adapt to your application.

  • Wraparound sleeves: Ideal for sleeving single products or multi-packs with top, side or bottom closure, available with bottom glue/top gusset or top glue/bottom gusset.

  • Drop-through sleeves: Perfect for single pack, multi-pack and multi-tier sleeving of tapered cups and containers.

  • Neck-through sleeves: Show off your product while providing excellent pack containment of necked bottles and containers, available with bottom glue/top gusset or top glue/bottom gusset.


  • Speeds up to 300 sleeves per minute

  • Advanced servo technology

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel tubular frame for exceptional strength and durability

  • Walk-in frame design for easy access and maintenance

  • Fall through, balcony design overhead wiring and servo cable mounting ideal for dusty or wet environment

  • Cantilevered design allows less reach to the carton flights for convenient operator access

  • Simple solutions for wraparound, drop-through or neck-through sleeve applications 

  • Wide range of pack configurations

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