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Invex IM Wrap Around Case Packer

Mid-Speed Case Packer for Trays, End-Load or Full Wrap

Invex IM Wrap Around Case Packer

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Conveniently flexible and loaded with experience-based design, Douglas' Invex® IM case and tray packers bring a higher level of performance to mid-range applications. Its simplistic combination of design, positive drive technology and control avoids compromise and maximizes performance.


  • Speeds up to 25 cases or trays per minute

  • Several Infeed designs for a wide variety of products

  • A variety of infeeds and metering techniques for efficient product handling

  • Touch screen selectable product recipes automatically control precise adjustments throughout the machine

  • Simple and repeatable changeovers

  • Sanitary frame design and stainless steel washdown options

Intelligent, precise case blank and product control during the loading process ensures consistent, reliable production.

Precisely automated servo control ensures case blank and product loading are executed consistently and reliably for your full range of pack patterns, products and speeds. From case flap folding, to squaring, to compression and gluing, critical operations are precisely automated according to your pre-set recipes, ensuring more efficient, reliable production and faster, easier changeovers.

Case and Tray Blank Control – A main contributor to increased efficiency and speed is the ability to control and fold case and tray blanks. The Invex® IM avoids the use of air cylinders that can bind or degrade over time resulting in variable timing, velocity and position. Its positive servo driven drive system precisely controls case setup, case flap control, the funneling of product during loading, case flap tucking and folding (no plows), case squaring and the compression and sealing of flaps.

Case Squaring – Four corner case control squares the leading and trailing walls of the case just prior to case sealing and compression. Positive control of the case squaring guarantees a quality package.

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