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CpONE Case and Tray Packer

This Simplifies Everything

CpONE Case and Tray Packer

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To develop the patent-pending CpONE® Intermittent Motion Case Packer, Douglas leaned on new technology and their 55+ years of product and material control experience. The result is next-level simplicity.

The CpONE leverages the development of more advanced mechanisms and engineered motion control. It smartly applies these advancements to improve  machine usability and uptime. A key enabler developed into the heart of the machine is the robotic arms. These highly engineered arms are applied based on application need, with full deployment including arms controlling the case setup, loading and sealing sections of the machine. The scalability of the CpONE platform allows it to address different application, speed and investment levels.

The CpONE represents a step-change in simplicity and usability while maintaining reliability and proven performance. Simple operation. Simple maintenance. Simply next-level performance.

Speeds: Up to 45 cases/minute

Changeover Features Simplify and Reduce Changeover Time

  • Up to a 40% reduction in changeover points on the main machine

  • No magazine bed or compression section height adjustments

  • Automatic adjustment of flap trap location, load funnel width, manufacturer’s glue nozzle height and centerline height of minor flap guides and major flap glue nozzles; additional automatic changeover points available as options

  • Accessibility and ease of making manual adjustments

  • Performance as a Foundation

  • Positive Case Setup for wraparound cases is more tolerant of variations in corrugated materials

  • Pivoting major flap folding and compression with 8-corner case squaring for a quality finished product

  • Heightened visibility and ergonomic accessibility

  • Scalable drive platforms using servo motors and servo-pneumatics; or all servo motors

  • 8 corner case squaring

Maintenance Made Simple

  • Robot arms, applied based on application, greatly reduce the number of bearings, linear bearings, belts, pulleys, tensioners, cable tracks, grease points and framework resulting in up to 40% fewer parts to maintain

  • Rockwell drives, HMI and Logix controller (no additional controllers)

  • Electronic ‘hand wheel’ jog function provides incremental jogging to set up or diagnose timing and material changes

  • Added convenience features such as pivoting glue gun mounts provide easy   access for maintaining glue nozzles

  • Sanitary design

  • Three-year limited warranty coverage of major machine components

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