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Automatic HDX2000-TX5218

Heavy-Duty Automatic System

Automatic HDX2000-TX5218
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Product Overview

  • HeatSeal's complete system comes with a fully integrated infeed conveyor which transfers product at just the right pitch and speed to maximize the potential of this shrink packaging system. 

  • The automatic HDX2000 L-Bar sealer advances the package into the film with variable speed AC drive conveyors.

  • Schneider Electric Control Package; components available worldwide.

  • Application parameters stored for automatic setup and changeover. Store up to 64 recipes;  add your own photos

  • Finished with a matching TX5218 high-speed dual chamber shrink tunnel.

  • All Electric – no compressed air required.

  • Available with a model IC1572 staging belted infeed conveyor or a model FIC1772 staging flighted conveyor, both with a variable speed drive, as well as other shrink tunnel configurations.

  • Schneider Electric PLC and Controls, available worldwide.

  • Variable Speed AC Motors for accurate, repeatable product placement including closing conveyor (short product) and belt reversing (tall product).

  • Motorized Automatic Package Size Adjustments with memory storage provides fast product changeover – upload product photo for settings selection.

  • Brushless Servomotor Seal Jaw with Adjustable Opening, speed and pressure to customize seal jaw motion to package characteristics.

  • Seal area 15.5” x 23” x 9.5” high.

L-Bar sealer seals and cuts the film with a brushless servo-driven seal bar that controls

  • The jaw opening, to minimize travel for small product, maximize for tall.

  • The jaw speed, slower to protect fragile items, fast for standard item.

  • The jaw pressure, to seal and cut a broad range of films.

  • Motorized movement of seal height and inverting head height.

Other Features

  • Swing Arm Control Panel, Operate Machine From Either Side

  • Multi-level Password Protection

  • Multiple Language

  • USB Interface

  • Adjustable Seal Force

  • Closing Conveyor

  • Film Loosening

  • Belt Reversing

  • Seal Cooling for Polyethylene

  • FDA Belts

  • Scrap Rewind with Scrap Break and Scrap Full Alarms

  • Dual Gull Wing with Interlocked Guarding

  • Audible and Visible Alarms

  • Infeed and Outfeed Belts Extend Beyond Machine Opening

  • Interlocked Slide Out Film Carriage

  • Runs Most Polyolefin and Polyethylene Films

  • Horizontal and Vertical Product Sensors

  • Powder Coated Steel Construction

  • Casters and Leveling Pads

  • One Year Limited Warranty

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