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Matthews SX 7/16 DOD Coding System 

The SX-7 and SX-16 Large Character Drop on Demand Valve Ink Jet Printers. The printers are available in two models, the SX-7 single line printing system, and the SX-16 two-line solution

The focus of the product concept is directed towards packaging. Much of our product marketing relates to the packaging market, however the SX 7/16 will be well received in other markets, where a porous, water base ink can be recommended.

Equipment Expectations: 

  •  As a low cost entry level coding solution. 
  •  Provides an, easy to install, one or two-line version of the successful I-Mark SX-32 unit, and the functionality, flexibility and reliability already recognized in Matthews valve product line.  
  • To define our existing family of DOD printers, expanding and positioning the SX controllers to replace the

The SX 7/16 Solution Get More with Matthews Matthews expands its product range with the launch of the I-Mark SX 7/16. Simple and expandable, these printers provide the same reliable ink jet technology that the market has come to expect from Matthews, but with several new versatile and user-friendly features.

Get More Flexibility 

These low cost ink jet coders come complete, ready to set into the production line within minutes. The controller, head, and ink system are integral in one convenient unit. The printers are so easy to install and use, the customer needs little or no support from Matthews. A simple training program is included in the launch to help emphasize this claim. In most applications the unit is installed to print horizontally, onto the side of a carton. The controller may be repositioned, to allow the printhead to rotate down, for printing onto the top of a carton. Two built in photocells are used for an automatic set up, establishing the direction of travel, and the product speed. No external photocell or encoder is necessary, or offered.


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