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Foxjet's Valvejet Coding Systems

The Pro Vx system from FoxJet utilizes patented valve jet technology for porous and non-porous printing.  The Vx printheads are available in 9 dot and 18 dot configurations for up to two inches of print per head.

  >Ethernet connectivity

  >Built-in auto codes for product counts and date/time printing

  >High Resolution LCD touch screen display

  >Password Protection

  >QWERTY keypad

  >Prints on porous or non-porous substrates

  >Mounts for side, top or bottom printing




Marksman Duo Vx

FoxJet’s Marksman Duo is capable of operating up to eight 9-dot valvejet printheads or up to 4 18-dot valvejet printheads with up to 2” print

height each. The LCD color touch screen offers the user clear WYSIWYG

interface for easy operation.

  >Sleek, modular design

  >QWERTY keyboard

  >LCD color touch screen display

  >24/7 diagnostics and system status

  >Stores up to 500 messages

  >Ethernet, Serial and USB communication ports

  >Password protection





Valvejet Vx Printhead

The Foxjet Vx printheads come in 9 and 18 valve configurations.  The plunger style valves enable these heads to print with water based and solvent based inks which provides the ability to print on virually any substrate.

   > Print heights from 1/2" to 2" per head

  > Water based to MEK based inks

   > Up to 250 fpm print speed

   > 1/4" throw distance

   > 5 and 7 dot character matrix  


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